Advantaged Facial Treatments ....

Hydro Dermabrasion    $70

For the ultimate deep cleanse and exfoliation using the power of water and diamonds. Helps diminish fine lines, enlarged pores, blackheads, uneven or blotchy pigmentation, acne scars and sun damage. Add a hydrating serum + Electroporation (EP) for a fresh looking, glowing complexion.

For best results = 4 - 8 weekly as maintenance

Electroporation Infusion Therapy    $80

Is pigmentation, wrinkles or slack skin also a concern? With the aid of low and medium frequency your fibroblast cells are stimulated to help repair/rebuild collagen and elastin which improves skin elasticity and texture. Target-specific Serums are incorporated to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin to create real cellular change - from melasma, pigmentation, laxity - to an overall improvement in skin tone. Painless and prove safe. 

For best results = 4 - 8 weekly as maintenance

LED Light Treatment      $60

LED triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy within the epidermis. Can significantly increase new tissue growth, stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines & wrinkles (red), reduce inflammatory & soothe (yellow), or destroy bacteria that is associated with acne (blue). Treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliate & a botanically infused Gel Mask. It is a pleasant, non-invasive, painless treatment that requires no special pre or post-treatment procedure.  

For best results = weekly x 12 weeks, then 4 weekly as maintenance

Dermal Micro Needling - Consult only      $25

we check for contraindications and give pre-DMN facial advice. A must prior to your first DMN facial.

Dermal Micro Needling Facial      $195

Dermal Micro Needling (DMN) is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). DMN helps the skin to naturally repair itself from the inside out by encouraging natural collagen to repair and regenerate at a gentle but consistent pace. Facial includes pre-cleanse & prep procedure, target-specific Serum during, plus a soothing gel is applied afterwards.

If requested, a topical anaesthetic crème can be applied (+$35) and this will be discussed at the initial consultation.

For best results = monthly x 3 - 6 months (depending on skin condition), then yearly as maintenance.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment      $195

A combination of using Hydro Dermabrasion + Electroporation & Serum + LED & hydrating mask, for an amazing all in one treatment when you want to look your best. Great for that special occasion! 

For best results = monthly as maintenance

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Treatment      $350

A combination of using Hydro Dermabrasion + Dermal Micro Needling & Serum + Electroporation & Serum + LED & hydrating mask.

Three of these modalities work synergistically to achieve a real change at a cellular level whilst the fourth ensures cellular change continues for months to come ... THE ultimate in skin rejuvenation all in one treatment when you want to make real changes from within.

Great a week pre-special occasion to really make your skin glow.

For best results = 6 weekly x 3 - 6 months (depending on skin), then yearly as maintenance.


Enjoy the benefits of ongoing treatments from the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment menu (HydraDermabrasion, Electroporation Infusion Therapy OR LED Light Treatment) every 4 weeks to maintain good skin health. This should not be seen as a luxury, so we want to devise a regime you can afford. Membership also gives you 20% discount off Dermal MicroNeedling AND 10% off True Botanix skincare.

Call us to discuss YOUR skin needs, or make an appointment for a FREE consult about our Skin Rejuvenation Membership.

Facials ....

Express facial      30mins/$65

time poor but skin needs to boost? This is for you. Consult, cleanse, analysis, exfoliate with our gentle Fruit Cocktail AHA treatment & Jojoba polish, balance with a personalised hand-blended botanical Mask, then hydrating products. 

Signature facial      60mins/$95

relaxation & pampering needed? This is for you. Relax while we consult, cleanse, analysis, exfoliate with our gentle Fruit Cocktail AHA treatment & Jojoba polish, balance with a personalised hand-blended botanical Clay Mask, followed by a heavenly, relaxing décolletage & face manual massage with botanical enhancers, then customised hydrating products.

Add-on a Back/Shoulder/ Neck massage for $45.

Add-on Eye Combo for $55

Anti-bacterial facial      60mins/$135

deep cleansing needed? Consult, deep cleanse, analysis, exfoliate with our AHA treatment mask & Jojoba polish, Steam with Ozone, personalised hand-blended activated Charcoal Clay Mask, PLUS LED (blue) light therapy, then lightly hydrated with skincare specific to you. For best results on acneic skin = monthly. 

Treatment facial      75mins/$165

dehydration &/or sensitivity issues? This is for you. Consult, cleanse, analysis, exfoliate, nourishing hand-blended clay mask AND manual massage (as is our Signature Facial) PLUS Electroporation + hydrating Ampoule with red LED Light Therapy, then finished with skincare specific to you. For best results on dry &/or irritated skin = monthly. 

We make and use our own range of natural, botanical, clean, non-toxic skincare called "True Botanix Skincare". To read more, or order online, 

Massage ....

Relaxation is the key to good health & wellbeing. Pamper yourself ... warm room, gentle music, soft fragrant natural oils and a soothing massage

½ hr $50 or 1 hr $80 

Eyes ....

Eye Lash tint       $25

Brow tint        $25

Brow shape        $25

Eye Lash Tint, Brow shape and tint      $60

Waxing ...

Brows      $25

Under Arm      $25

½ Leg      $35

Bikini      $25

Top Lip      $20

Forearms      $30

Full Leg      $50

Extended Bikini $35

Chin      $20

Combination of 3 + waxings – 10% disc

Natural Nails ....

Express Manicure      $40

Express Pedicure      $45

sanitise, shape, cuticle care, nourish, polish

Signature Manicure      $70

Signature Pedicure      $75

sanitise, soak, exfoliate, shape, cuticle care, massage, nourish, polish

IBX Repair & Treatment      $45 

incl. consult, shape, cuticle care, massage & IBX Repair & Treatment

CND Shellac or Gel on Natural Nails ....

Shellac Gel Polish      $50

sanitise, nail tidy & nourish

Re-Shellac      $60

sanitise, remove previous Shellac applied by us, nail tidy & nourish

- Nail Re-shaping + $5

- CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel + $10

- Spa Mani (soak, scrub, massage) + $20

- Spa Pedi (soak, scrub/file, massage) + $30

CND Shellac or Gel Removal      $20 per 20mins

nail & cuticle care included

Gel Overlays on Natural nails      $65

sanitise, nail tidy & nourish

We choose to use CND Shellac that is 3-FREE, or Faby polishes that are 5-FREE (from DBP, formaldehyde, toluene & their resins)

Spray Tanning ....

Full Body      $40

Bring a friend      (each) $35*

*Must all be here at the same appointment time

Hair Cuts & Treatments ....

Shampoo, Restyle, Full Dry      60mins/$80

Shampoo, Cut, Full Dry       60mins/$70

Shampoo, Cut, Light dry      45mins/$60

Shampoo, Blowdry      30mins/$40

Shampoo, Blowdry      45mins/$60

+ GHD straighten or curled      + $10- $20

Shampoo, Conditioning treat with 10min Scalp Massage       $25

Olaplex Standalone Treatment $35

Demi or Permanent Colours ....

Regrowth only (35gr)     $95

Short (40 - 50gr)     $100 - 100

Medium (55gr - 65gr)     $115 - 125

Long (67.5gr+ gr) from  $135

PLUS Top Foils .... from $45 extra

Foils ....

Top .... from $95

3/4 head .... from $115

Full head - short/above shoulders .... from $125

Full head - medium/on shoulders .... from $135

Full head - long/below shoulders .... from $150

Olapex added to each bowl + $10

Colour Correction POA - 50% deposit required, non-refundable

“From” = regrowth area of 8 weeks or under. Any longer than that and extra product may be needed resulting in an extra charge.

We choose to use ‘CHI Shine Shades' colouring system as it gives beautiful, shiny, long lasting results with ionic technology as well as Aloe Vera, organic ingredients, no ammonia, no PPDs, and altogether less harmful chemicals.... for your health and ours.

Permanent Wave ....

Short hair .... from $125         + Cut, Blowdry/Finish $70

Medium hair .... from $160    + Cut, Blowdry/Finish $80

Long Hair .... from $195        + Cut, Blowdry/Finish $80

Our Policies:

We book out time for you, and last minute cancellations or changes affect us greatly. So please give us adequate notice if your appointment time no longer suits you. If less than 48 hours notice is given, we reserve the right to charge an appropriate 'loss of income' fee at your next appointment.

For any of our Hair & Beauty services that take longer than 1 hour you will be asked for a 50% deposit to secure your appointment - if a minimum of 48 hrs notice is not given, that deposit is non-refundable.